Passionate sound designer

My name is Camilla Angelbo Hansen.

Pronouns: She / Her

I’ve always had a passion for video games and the kind of storytelling where you, the player, are able to immerse yourself in settings like magical forests, outer space or back to the past. The ability to explore a world visually and kinetically is an integral part of the player's experience, but the audio makes up 51% of that experience in my opinion, whether that be in terms of creating an atmosphere or adding to the kinetics of gameplay.

For a year and a half, I have worked as a sound desinger on feature films, documentaries, TV programs, animation and commercials.

Before this I was a trainee at Gi'Lyd for three years. Here I learned everything regarding sound production on many different projects including; TV programs, commercials, feature films, animated films and documentaries.

Throughout my work as a sound designer for film and television at Gi’Lyd I’ve gained a substantial set of skills that will be beneficial to the creative and technical process.

I’ve created numerous sound designs, edited and cleaned dialogue, worked with foley, recorded field recordings, recorded various forms of ADR, dubbing and more.

Much of said work has been with colleagues, where I was managing and/or collaborating with them on various projects.

Among my skills is my knowhow in public relations with clients, like directors, producers, editors and composers. I thrive on working across different departments and getting the absolute best out of the collaborative process.

I am currently broadening my skill set with learning Wwise and Unity. My intention is also to start learning Fmod and Unreal Engine in the near future.

In May 2018, I completed an 8.5 month stay at the European Film College. Here I have learned about the world of sound and have completely fallen for it.

My goal and dream is to work with sound design for videogames.

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