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I offer audio services offer a wide range of options for your project. From foley recording to dialogue recording, I can capture every sound you need to enhance your audio experience. With my expertise in audio editing, I can ensure that your audio is polished and professional. Sound design is also a key component of my services, where I can create custom sounds and effects to bring your project to life. Lastly, I can implement your audio with Fmod into Unity, providing a seamless integration for your game or application. Whether you need realistic sound effects or a unique audio experience, my services have got you covered. Let me help you take your project to the next level with high-quality audio.


I have extensive experience in recording field recordings, ADR, foley, and voice acting. My skillset includes utilising various recording equipment, editing software and techniques to produce high-quality audio. Through my work, I have honed my ability to capture and enhance sound, creating immersive and realistic audio experiences."


As an experienced sound designer, I have worked on various projects ranging from films to video games. I have a keen ear for detail and am able to create immersive soundscapes that enhance the overall experience. My passion for sound design drives me to constantly improve and innovate.


I have successfully implemented Fmod into Unity, showcasing my excellent implementation skills. I have seamlessly integrated audio into the game, creating an immersive experience for the players. My attention to detail and technical expertise have resulted in a flawless audio system.

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